can we talk about the lyrics in lorde’s song 400 lux???



"Good people are like candles; they burn themselves up to give others light."
Turkish Proverb (via catic)

"Even mistakes can be wonderful." - Robin Williams


me and my brother were fighting and he grabs his phone and randomly calls a number and he says “is this the dog pound? because my sister is the biggest bitch”

Anonymous asked:
sorry i meant to say, who's your literary agent? thank you :)

Currently don’y have one :)

Anonymous asked:
are you trying to get published? if so, who's you

Currently, I’m just working on a novel. Once that novel is finished, in the next four to five years, I will attempt to get published!


Recent studies confirm that reading books and drinking tea doesn’t make you better than anyone else

I like to think that reading books makes you smarter. 


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